Our aim at Worldwideaire is to advance HVAC technology by bringing the latest innovative research to the design of our products. Our patented HVAC systems deliver superior levels of indoor air quality and comfort at the highest levels of energy efficiency helping to safeguard our environment for generations to come.

Worldwideaire founder, Dr. Alan Showole, P.E. has a long history of research and HVAC product development leading the industry in energy conservation. His ground breaking research on various aspect of air flow including suppression of flow recirculation, flow separation, and flow corner singularities in open and closed rectangular and cylindrical chambers has led to major leaps in energy efficiency and conservation for HVAC systems. This work is the foundation for the design of our HVAC units.

Worldwideaire continually innovates to develop and manufacture a range of HVAC systems listed under our future outlook including our market entry products, the combination split systems outdoor condensing units, and indoor air handling units.

Our company main office is based in North Texas and shipping and receiving/manufacturing facility is based in East Texas on Highway US 259 in Daingerfield.