At Worldwideaire we seek to combine our innovative products with innovative organizational structures as well. This means we look to attract people that are passionate about their work so we can equip them to deliver outstanding results benefiting consumers, themselves, the company and the community. To this end we offer different options to best suit the needs of marketing and sales reps interested in joining our team.

Option 1) Joint Marketing Representative: This traditional option enables reps to market products and order units as sales are made. Orders will typically be of quantities of 10 or fewer units and no prepayment is required.

Option 2) Independent Representative: Reps that choose this option will order and pre-purchase units directly from our manufacturing facility. This option then enables reps to freely design marketing and sales plans that best meet their needs and the needs of their clients.

Option 3) Contractor, Architect and builder Representative: This option may work best for contractors and others with large quantity orders. The option creates a limited partnership between the contractor and Worldwideaire establishing a plan to pre-finance and build units allowing the balance of payments at delivery. This may be suitable when units are needed for residential like neighborhoods or apartment facilities and public like offices, schools, and healthcare facilities developments.

For all options product representatives will be provided model units at special discounted costs.