Worldwide Aire, LLC has launched a search for a joint venture investor and/or partner to join the company in manufacturing and marketing its cutting-edge Split-System Air Conditioning and Heat Pump systems. Designed and developed by Worldwide Aire engineers, the design patent granted (US Patent No. US D787,034 S) and the utility patents pending, these innovative A/C and Heat Pump systems combine cooling capacity and efficiency with a range from 24,000 to 60,000 BTUs and 13 to 21 SEER. Additional details about the system, including a full description of its features, can be found at

Worldwide Aire has the combined technical skill and structural infrastructure (including a production warehouse, office building and storage facilities) to facilitate a quick and successful launch. Interested individuals or corporations should call our contact person at (903) 331-5550 or email [email protected]


Why Choose Worldwideaire?

The simple answer is that you want the best air conditioning system for your family and friends at home and your employees at the office.

The HVAC system that you choose is an investment. A quality system designed by the industry’s leading engineers adds value to the property for many years to come. More importantly, a Worldwideaire system is an investment in the people you care about and the environment we all share.

Cooler indoor temperatures in summer and warmer in winter are the very basic expectation you should have from your HVAC unit. To provide the best your Worldwideaire HVAC system will also work to cleanse the air making the indoors healthier while being the most energy efficient to protect the outdoors and keep it healthy.

It is important for all of us to have indoor air quality but crucial to those amongst us that have developing lungs or at risk respiratory systems. Patented innovative design elements in Worldwideaire HVAC systems protect by isolating many harmful air quality factors including dust, potential air borne fiberglass particles, allergens, mold, smog, pollen, viruses, and bacteria. Our innovative systems are designed to help improve the air quality helping your family and friends in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, retirement homes and other public facilities to breathe easier.